Quiller Caudill

Biography and Other Stuff

About the Author

Quiller Caudill is a professional web developer based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. He graduated from NWU with a bachelor's degree in English in 2007. When not producing the best web sites the world has ever seen, he enjoys collecting movies and perfecting his home entertainment system.

Quiller spends an unjustifiably large amount of time following the Huskers, who used to be pretty darned good at football. He also has a cat and enjoys literally any form of frisbee.*

Professional Background

Quiller currently works as a front-end developer for a small development company. He spends the majority of his time engrossed in stylesheets and various templating systems, with the time left over devoted to tasks ranging from browser compatibility testing to content entry to the occasional interface design.

He began working in the field at the tender age of 17, when he was hired as a "splicer" by an emerging marketing firm. While this position stands as his first professional experience, Quiller had been wasting time with web sites as early as his junior high years.

Quiller's primary specialties lie in CSS, XHTML (and related markup languages), Javascript and browser compatibility. He greatly enjoys working with new techniques, templating engines and other emerging technologies.

* Not including minced or fried.